Rights Holders

If you are a rights holder, you can now, for the first time ever, license your songs through our advanced stem marketplace. This will add an additional royalty stream for you by sanctioning legal remixes of your songs. All of your copyrighted material is protected and accounted for via our secure distribution system and our patented, stem-identification technology, Insight.

We invite both independent and signed acts with hit catalogs to partner with us. Whether you're an independently-run, single-artist business or a label that handles large catalogs for multiple artists, we'd love to hear from you.

To apply for one or more of your songs to be fingerprinted and featured on our stem marketplace, please submit below or contact partners@remixhits.com.


Insight Watermarking

The technology that will 'future proof' your music.


Unlike other audio-identification tools that focus on final master recordings, Insight is specifically designed to detect copyrighted material at the stem level. The patented stem-scanning technology masterfully identifies copyrighted material, even if it’s been ‘chopped,’ reversed, pitch-shifted, time-stretched, compressed, and distorted to extreme levels.


When you license your song through our stem marketplace, it allows DJs and producers to legally remix your song while generating additional royalties for you, the Rights Holder.


On the front end, our model brings new value to music. Each purchased song pack generates revenue for the Rights Holders. On the back end, fan remixes are distributed through our channel, allowing the Remixers' music to be released via major streaming services and digital stores. While Rights holders will own all new derivative works, Remixers will be granted a 'remix royalty' for their participation as a creator.

Dedicated Contact

Our team will guide Rights Holders throughout the process of stem registration, 

product promotion, and royalty distribution.


Our team is adaptive and responsive to your needs. As your partner and collaborator, our company promise is to find additional value in your artists' music by empowering fan remix culture. 

If you would like to learn more about any of the above, visit our FAQ or email info@remixhits.com