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Apr 14

Hi. I'm new here and I need to ask something, do you guys use the original song stems to popular songs?


Hello!! Welcome to Remkx Hit’s :) And the answer Is a big YES! We are the first to offer the legal means to work with original master stems from iconic hit songs and allow you to release them legally using our label services. Can’t wait to share more of our catalog with you as we continue to grow!

Hi. Wow!! that is amazing but how long does it take for you guys to get the stems to the popular songs because

one of my favorite songs is free bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd

And my phone keyboard sucks with spelling haha its..Remix Hits!

Right now we are in a sort of early launch mode..so catalog is handpicked and based on our partnerships with labels and publishers. Your input is so important in conveying to them that our community is interested in certain songs..so we can def put freebird on the radar

And yes everyone has to yell “freebird” at any live show haha...it’s required

Right, I remember that I've watched a lot of Lynyrd Skynyrd live perfomences of that song free bird and they do yell free bird that's for sure. So what exactly do mean by that thing that you just said and, does it take years for you guys to get popular song stems like free bird?

You know, the part where said were in kind of a launch mode right now?

Our licensing system and relationships are set up so that we can move quite fast with content that we want to include in our marketplace...but...If Lynyrd Skynyrd doesn't want to be a part of our service then you'll be stuck playing the same ol game of remixing them "illegally" and nobody wins. We will do our best to provide you with exciting hit songs by forward thinking artists and copyright holders. And by launch mode, I mean we have a plan to roll out our cleared content over the coming months...there is some really amazing music coming down the pipleline!



Hello ... I'm looking for "Living in a box" from 1987 on stems ...can you help my?

Hi! Do you know what label owns master and who owns publishing? Although we aren’t providing a one off clearance service we’d be happy to see if this song falls Into our current deals!

@Sam Brooker CEO RH Hello again Sam it's been couple days since we've talked about the stems for Lynyrd Skynyrd, Basically I needed to let you know something. There's a difference between dry studio stems and studio stems that are from the record label but have effects like reverb etc' added to them, I'm basically looking for the studio stems for free bird with the effects added to them, Also when you guys get closer to getting those stems if Lynyrd Skynyrd wants to be a part of the thing you guys are doing, Let me know when you get the chance but your doing a great job from what I can tell with all of the stuff your doing with this company I'm just letting know about the stems in advance and thank you for your help.

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we have a roll out plan in place and will be announcing songs as they are Released to our market place. As far as timing on a specific song like “Free Bird” I cant give a def answer on That..sorry..but we will keep you posted if that song is chosen to be a part of Remix Hits!


Well that's not necessarily what I was asking, basically I wanted you guys to just keep in mind to get the original stems for free bird but the ones with the effects added to them, in other words the stems that have reverb and eq etc' already added to them, rather than dry stems, those are the ones that I need you to keep in mind whenever you guys ask Lynyrd Skynyrd to be apart of remix hits.

Got it! Yeah we always go for master stems direct from the mix when possible

Thank you but there's one last thing I want to ask you, when you get any stems from record label how can you tell if the stems from the record label are dry or have effects added to them?

Hey sam I just asked a question yesterday over here on the forums are you still there?, Also I wanted you to tell Lynyrd Skynyrd whenever you guys are almost done with everything to clear the licensing that I have working on this song for almost 2 years and I've been trying to use the right setting of every effect to get the accurate mixed version of Free bird, basically I'm trying create a karaoke version of the original song just with the stems though.

We only

get what the labels kept on file..current music has better stem options as its the norm now to print stems..but the older stuff is what it is..but there’s a lot of magic in there!!

What do you mean by that what you just said? I don't understand your answer?

We don’t create the stems..if a label only provides us mix stems as opposed to dry..that’s what we get..we are limited by what each label provides us...does that help?

Yes that's a lot helpful thank you so much.

Hello again Sam I though of this also but remember like I said, whenever you guys are closer to finishing with Free bird (if Lynyrd Skynyrd says yes to this), then try and see if you can get it, I'm also want you guys to ask Lynyrd Skynyrd to see if you can get mainly the studio acapella of free bird, because basically if they say you can have the studio acapella of free bird and also if you invert that acapella with the original song in the final mix of free bird it will cancel out the track within the final mix and you'll get an instrumental version of the song. Also what is the phone number to Remix hits?

Hey Sam I'm not trying to disturb nor drive you crazy about this in anyway, but did you guys speak with or the record label of Lynyrd Skynyrd yet about getting the song Free Bird licensed yet by any chance?

Haha you’ll be the first to know! We are working with more labels on securing content, but no news here

Hi Sam I had an idea in mind I mean' I know you told me that whatever stems you guys get is what you get from the record labels, but if you don't mind, "like I've said a few times whenever you guys are close to being done with the song licensing," would you ask the record label for the stems with the effects already added to them specifically for Lynyrd Skynyrd's song Free Bird?

When you guys get dry stems to any song does the artist give you also the reverb tracks as well, from the original master, Like the reverb track as a separate track from the original instruments?

Sam, I also just wanted to let you know that when guys are getting the Lynyrd Skynyrd free bird stems I want it to be from a particular album which the one with the white bird on it. which is this one


In other words, I'm looking for stems to this very specific version of the song and mainly from this album.

Sam I just asked 2 questions may and I still never got an answer also what days are you guys open so I can contact you.

Sam I just asked you 2 questions Since the month of May and I still never got an answer to them?

Hi Sam I have great news if you guys are searching for the record label of Lynyrd Skynyrd, their label is Universal music group. I was just letting yall know to help ya'll out because I contacted another label and that I thought was Lynyrd Skynyrd's label, but the guys said over the phone it was universal music group

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