The New Industry Model for Remixing 


Remix Hits is made up of optimists who want to see the music industry cooperate harmoniously and provide more opportunity to all forms of art, original or derivative. We’ve seen the power of the remix catapult DJ/producers into well-deserved fame, and listened - as humans - to creative renditions that cause us to reflect on much-needed cultural commentary. It was time we figured out a behind-the-scenes economic solution in the remix community so we could allow the art form and its messages shine more brightly.

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We’ve created a win-win remix model that will fairly compensate the original rights holders (the artists, labels, writers, publishers, musicians), enables legal remixing, and very soon will offer remixers the ability to share in all royalties generated.

Our EULA, or ‘End User License Agreement,’ is the agreement you make when you buy a Remix Hits product to abide by the terms we’ve negotiated with our gracious music partners. We’ll be routinely updating our EULA the more we grow since we’ll be offering you more remix opportunities and expanding your release capabilities via major streaming channels. Please visit our FAQ section or reach out to us if you have any questions about how you may share your music with the world.


Sam Brooker, CEO

A noted artist, writer, publishing exec, and diplomatic personality forging a path in the remix space.

Meet the team


Matt Wilder, CPO

A veteran music producer, professor, and advocate of technology, designing next-level creative tools. 


Seth Johnson, CMO

An ambitious artist, writer, and producer, creating brand identity and building community connections.


Have any questions about the process? Check out our FAQ!